Mobile Wallets allow participants to share or exchange funds in a closed environment. Each wallet holder has a virtual account that can be pre-loaded with funds via an ACH, Wire Transfer, cash deposit, or alternate currency exchange.

But … spend or exchange funds from a wallet account, the wallet holder must designate a recipient, who must also be either a wallet holder or a participating merchant within the closed wallet ecosystem.

Real-Time Payments allow participants in a mobile wallet program to instantly move funds from their virtual wallet accounts into actual bank accounts where the funds can be withdrawn as cash or spent outside of the closed wallet ecosystem.

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growth opportunities

  • Bank Account to Account Transfers
  • Virtual Wallet Downloads
  • QR Code Payments
  • P2P Transfer
  • Reward Payouts
  • Loyalty Points Transfer
  • MLM Commission Payouts
  • Funds Disbursements & Payouts